Not my day

Do you ever have one of those days where everything that happens is telling you to go back to bed?

This morning was going ok, until I got into my car and dropped my lunch…which was soup….and the lid came off… and it went everywhere…including into the seatbelt holder bit (what is that called?). I shoved the container and what was left of my lunch into a spare poo bag, put it on the passenger seat and headed in to work.

I had an uneventful drive to work. However getting out of the car in the office car park I dropped my bread roll….on the floor…into a puddle!

Borrowed from Danielle Williamson's on ETSY
Borrowed from Danielle Williamson’s on ETSY

Is it too early to open a bottle?

9 thoughts on “Not my day

  1. It is never too early to open a bottle. There is a liquor for EVERY occasion!! BTW, I’ve stopped asking the universe if my day can get worse, it generally answers me negatively.

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