I don’t need a man, I climbed a mountain

So turns out at the moment I am doing lots of things to prove to myself that I don’t need a man – well more specifically that I don’t need him. I know that he shouldn’t be the reason for me doing things, but I’m trying new experiences and getting all the benefits so what does it matter if for the moment my motivation is partly to prove to him that my life will continue even without him being a part of it!

Luckily for me I have a friend who is going through her own break up at the same time and so I can rely on her not only to help me drink the bottles of wine as needed but join me in all my hair brain schemes fun new hobbies that I am now looking to try.

And so it was her who I text when I decided that my latest “I don’t need a man project” was going to involve climbing some mountains, in fact the three peaks. Our initial text conversation went along the lines of (and I don’t know how to do the text picture thing, so imagine a mobile screen as you read the next bit ta)

Me: I want to climb the Three Peaks? It was something that he and I were going to do and I ain’t not doing it just because he’s a (insert word of choice here)

Her: Which ones?

Me: There’s more than one?

Her: Yes, there are the Yorkshire Three Peaks and then they are the national ones. I’m assuming you mean the Yorkshire ones, let’s start with Pen-y-ghent

Me: I so knew you were the person to bring along – you know the names and everything!

And so this weekend my friend and I loaded up backpacks, waterproofs and BD and headed off to climb the first of our three mountains. It was a brilliant day and exactly what I needed, in fact I think we both needed it. The sun shone, the snow on the ground made for a fab snow ball fight and despite there being rain visible all around, not a drop fell on us. The weekend was filled with laughter, tears and a little Abba and I think it was just what the doctor ordered. So what if I am now hobbling around with a literal pain in the bum – it has to have toned something right??

Have you ever done anything unusual to help you get over an ex??

8 thoughts on “I don’t need a man, I climbed a mountain

  1. There’s nothing more uplifting than the view from the top of a mountain to lift the spirits and make you feel more you. Well done and good luck with the next 2!

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