9 Deers and n ‘orse

One thing I have learnt from the recent break-up is to never say never.

I can remember being upset when I moved out of my mum and dad’s house and in with him because I was never going to live with my parents again. When I left my house I owned with him, I remember being distraught and saying good bye to each room in turn, thinking I would never be in there again. Yet I now visit it on a weekly basis to pick up or drop off BD, (usually with him elsewhere, before you all line up to kick my arse for being soft!). I thought I was going to be with him forever….. let’s just leave that there!

As I have previously mentioned BD and Mity have now decided that they would like to play together… they think. However they can’t. If Mity relaxes and starts to “talk” which he does when he plays, BD will sit on my knee and look at him very concerned. Which makes me laugh, you should see the size of this big softy!! If BD makes a quick move Mity freezes worried that he will go for him. As much as I love them both and wouldn’t change them for the world, it is starting to become a little stressful, especially for my folks.

One day they will be together totally chilled out, ignoring each other. During this time my mum and I will discuss how I should just keep BD forever – possession is 9th of the law don’t ya know?! – but then the next time they are together Mity will pace around the house, refuse to settle and on occasions pee. On these visits Mity sets of patrolling the house and my dad follows him to ensure he is not peeing anywhere. This does not a harmoniousness house hold make. Therefore, with the improving weather and end line in sight for my house purchase I have said I will not have BD at my parents house on an evening any more.

It was with this in mind that I took BD on his potential last early morning walk from my mum and dads house. I couldn’t help but smile when I realised how much I would miss this early morning route with BD, especially as I had sobbed uncontrollably on the first few walks here. However, with my new thought process of never say never I didn’t get upset and set out to enjoy what could be our last walk together at 7am in this spot. I wanted to savor the moments and just enjoy it, rather than being too much in my head….. or too upset.

It was with this positive mood that I looked to my left and potentially saw a deer stood under the tree. I say potentially because unless I am 100% certain I will not make a positive identification. I have seen deer in this area before, so there was a strong possibility it could have been a deer but it was far away, on the other side of the dip, half hidden by trees and there are often horses in that field. Therefore I chalked it up as a horse. I picked up BDs tennis ball, threw it for him and continued on our walk.

We had only walked a few more minutes along the path before I looked to my left again and this time I definitely saw 4 deer, on the other side of the dip, not far from the first deer horse, stood grazing.

I took a moment to appreciate the moment before moving on.

We then got to the official ‘ball throwing’ part of the walk in this nice open field, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I walked onto the field and saw at the far end two more deer wandering about their morning routine. BD did not spot them, instead focusing fully on the tennis ball in my hand. I watched them slowly walk away before beginning our game of “chuck the tennis ball and walk after it because it is broken and does not go where it is supposed to any more” – BD loved it! It could only have been 5 minutes after seeing the two that I turned to look back up the field, I was now down the bottom of the field where the two deer had been and BD was running around sniffing the sniffs while I chastised him that if he was paid more attention he would have seen the actual deer and not just sniffed the sniff. As I turned and looked back up the hill I saw two more deer just exciting the field. And then their friend came chasing after them, spotted BD and I, and turned and ran back the way he came. That gave me a grand total of 10 deer, or 9 and n orse if we are calling confirmed sightings.

I can’t tell you how amazing I felt when I finished that walk that day. If that was our last morning walk down there is certainly ended on a high.

O and going back to never say never. having told my parents I wouldn’t have BD on a school night again I forgot that I have him booked in for the entire weekend next weekend so…oops!

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