How did that Happen?

So what started out as a vain attempt to prove to the world that I was moving on from him, despite what I felt on the inside. Looking at houses made me feel like less of a failure, I got to pretend to the world that I was in a good place moving on.

I toyed with buying… I decided I was more sensible to rent. And then I found a three bed terrace, with conservatory, lounge, kitchen, downstairs bathroom, potential for a working fire place…. well within my budget, almost too good to be true! I put in an offer, it was accepted and then I started down this path.

I expected something to go wrong, I expected to be gazumped. I didn’t expect but secretly hoped he would come running back now I had proved I would move on without him – he didn’t.

I haven’t told many people, in fact I have shared the most with you guys. But none of my worse fears or best case scenarios came true and I have just had an email from my solicitors “They have released the keys!!”

I’ve just bought a house, properly not like offer accepted bought, like move in your furniture and go great you neighbours (I really hope they like me) bought!

How the chuffing hell did that happen?

Well, onto the next chapter as they say!!

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