Where’s my list

I’ve found another one!! Yep another company that has chosen this most fragile time in my life to come up with a ‘how amazing being in love and living with someone is’ marketing campaign – do the marketing departments of these big conglomerates just not care about what’s going on with me??

This time it is a gas company who have decided to point out how much money you can save by being part of a couple. Did you know it is cheaper to have a holiday with someone else – apparently hotels add a charge if you as a single person takes a room which could have accommodated two people. I need to find these hotels and add them to me list, do they not realise that if I had another person to bring to the hotel with me I would???

Obviously electricity bills are easier with someone to split the bill with, but this is a good excuse for me to have lots and lots and lots of pets – well it’s a waste to heat the house for me! This company has even figured out that food bills will be cheaper as part of a couple, ha ha not in my case. When I get my house I am not going to be able to afford to eat so ha you got that one wrong!!

So gas supplier, who I am not going to name because I hate you and your name has gone on the list. I will not be using you to supply my energy ever. Instead I will switch to British Gas as I hear that they are very reasonable with a reduction in the millions pounds worth of profit that they made this year, and apparently when you break it down to profit per customer it’s only £50 per person – bargain!

Oh and just because this made me smile


5 thoughts on “Where’s my list

  1. I like funny commercials. But a lot of other commercials drive me nuts too. It astounds me that these ads actually work. People really fall for this stuff. Have you seen the video ad I made with Maya and Pierson on YouTube? I could have been commercially and really laid on the guilt trip by saying, “If you really love your dog, you will have him wear a seat belt in the car.” But that is pure nonsense. I would never use guilt or peer pressure in order to get someone to buy stuff from me! And I wouldn’t buy from someone who would try to use the same tactics on me.

    BTW, love the cat caption! 😀

  2. We would all be a lot better off if they weren’t ripping us off at every turn!
    ps, You have my sympathy if Poppy is as naughty as Ted.

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