Such a drag!

OMG. I cannot get over how much this week has dragged. It is officially doing my nut and I am about ready to scream and rip all my clothes off. In fact I did accidentally tell me office I intended to remove all my clothes because I had enough of a label itching me – a few cups of teas spat over key boards at that moment I can tell you!!

I don’t know quite what is going on with me, but I know that the clock has been on half three for at least the last few hours and I am losing the will to live. What’s making it worse is that I seem to be unable to do anything – other than shock the office obviously!
Everything I am typing, I am making massive simple errors with and so I constantly going back, re-type, re-making errors…. I know some of you will assume that that is just my style, but seriously like grr!

It’s like my head and my body are somehow not connected. My hands will not do what I tell them and I just really want to scream!!
I have tried drinking cups of tea, I have tried drinking cups of coffee, I have tried eating chocolate, I have tried eating fruit nothing I can think of will make this feeling go away! I’m hoping blogging about it and sharing it with you will help – fingers crossed!

And just toshow you how bad it is this sentence is being published as typed, with glaring erroers and evetything. Infactitu will amose you to leanr I t that I have slowred down my typisbg speed and really convcentrated to get it this good! What the he;ll?

4 thoughts on “Such a drag!

  1. I hate days like that! Honestly, I think it has something to do with our cycle. There are certain times of the month when I feel like super woman, then other times when I feel just like what you described. Time to get a bottle of wine and watch your favorite shows and relax.

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