I kissed a toad.

Today I was unsure as to what I was going to write. I had many different topics in my head but they never really went anywhere but then I went to visit Mum’s the Word and read this post. Unfortunately this means that I am taking a step away from the positive place I was trying to be in (did you not notice?) and instead I am once again asking for your support.

I have briefly told you about the various guys in my past who have managed to mess me up and I referenced the toad and the fact he has found his latest ‘target’. Well despite having no contact with the toad I am still Facebook friends with his current ‘target’ and the friendship group that we shared until his true colours were outted. Last night I found out that the toad, his ‘target’ and all of ‘our’ friends went out at the weekend and I wasn’t invited and they are now planning a second evening out and yet again my name has been left off the invite list.

To be brutally honest I want nothing to do with him and have no intentions of having anything to do with him ever again, but the people he is hanging around with I thought were my friends. In their defence I don’t know what they have been told about why me and his other victim will have nothing to do with him, I am sure he has told quite the yarn, but his ‘target’ and one of her friends know everything. They know the dark details, the way he lied, they were warned to take care and keep away. It makes me feel like they don’t believe me, it makes me feel like they don’t value me.

I know I should not let it bother me and just walk away and get on with my life. But I lost my job because of a bully, why should I know loose my friends because of this tw@?!

6 thoughts on “I kissed a toad.

  1. You’re right. Don’t get involved. It is too stressful to try to win your ‘friends’ back. It’s like high school all over again! Yes, you should have to work to build friendships, but you shouldn’t have to persuade people to be your friend. And you most definitely shouldn’t talk bad about other people, deservedly or not, in order to convince people they should like you and not him. Gossip is not the way to make or keep friends.

  2. Some good advice! From what you’ve said before, he is very good at manipulating people – so they’ll all find out what he’s like sooner or later and it’s best not to be in the firing line.

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