My little old man

I feel that sometimes I neglect Mity. He is a strange dog. When you first meet him, he runs up to greet you in way that always makes me smile – you (whoever you are) are his entire world and he can’t contain his happiness that you have walked back through the door. His tail does helicopter impressions and he loves to leap just out of reach and run away and back, speeding through the house before finally rolling onto his back and letting you rub his stomach. If he is in the mood he will then set off a second time and repeat.

However, once you have been greeted properly he will take himself off and just settle. Sometimes if a lot of people have come in he will make a beeline for his spot on the sofa, this dog ain’t stupid and if it looks like we are running short of seats he will make sure he has his. But once settled he is quite content. In fact if you go and stoke him he will give you the evil eye, humph loudly before pulling himself off and moving himself just out of arms reach making it very clearly that you have made him move and he does not appreciate it.

He is so lovely, and so easy going. He loves everyone. If a dog barks at him he will look at them with a look of puzzlement upon his face as if to say “what’s all the fuss about?” He is the chalk to BDs cheese.

However, this weekend it became very clear that Mity is getting older and it breaks my heart. A trip to the vets on Friday night indicated that he has the start of cataracts, something we had suspected for while. On Saturday he tripped coming down the last of the steps and has spent the last few days limping around – although it caused him no pain.

With everything that is going on at the moment I feel like Mity deserves so much more from me. Although he does not come to lick the tears from cheeks as BD does, he has been there as I have left home twice. A fact that he is not completely happy with, as he claimed my room when I left the first time and he did not appreciate me returning from Uni, never mind a second time after his room had been re-decorated. (My parents decorated my room as the spare room, they are not so wacky that they decorated the room for the dog – just yet!)

Mity asks so little from me, and yet gives so much!

So today I pledge to be better. I will make time to play with him. I will give him as much dedicated time as I do BD. I will not look back on our time together thinking had only I treated him better!

6 thoughts on “My little old man

  1. Getting old sucks, doesn’t it Mity. His personality sounds a little like Sephi’s. I might have told you this before. She would greet me, but didn’t care too much about the petting and cuddling. Quality time with Sephi was always on Sephi’s time, not mine. 🙂

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