My 100th Post

Yesterday was my 100th post. If you missed it you can catch it here. I have had wordpress counting down to this milestone for me for the last few posts. Every time I’ve hit publish I’ve pondered the milestone and how I would mark it. Should me 100th post be reflective, funny, thought provoking… would it ever live up to the ideal post I had in my mind but no way to get onto paper? Ok, I know it isn’t paper but saying paper sounds so much better than “the online blogging platform which I frequent!”

However, once again it would appear the universe had a slightly different plan for me. Yesterday work was hectic. I was covering for another colleague whilst drowning under my own mountain of work and I had a surprise meeting thrown in, O an a computer glitch! So I literally threw the post up while grabbing a few minutes for lunch. I knew that I needed to ask urgently about the BD/Mity play situation and I wanted to ask before BD comes tonight and so I typed and up it went up; there was barely a second re-through. Yet, in hindsight that was the perfect post.

Yesterday I was reaching out to friends, people who’s opinions I value and who I look forward to hearing from on daily basis. I was asking for support and guidance about the two guys who mean the world to me. I was sharing their story, celebrating the huge steps BD has taken and wondering how to grow their relationship. Without even meaning to my 100th post has expressed the exact reason I knew I wanted to blog. I wanted to find a community I could reach out to and ask anything of and I have found it.

So the theme for my 101st post is thank you. Thank you all so much!

4 thoughts on “My 100th Post

  1. Congrats! I never paid attention to the number of posts but it sounds like a fun idea. For one, it gives me a topic for in case I run out of stuff to talk about. Feel free to email me direct if you need more detailed information on helping BD and Mity out. Also, are you on Facebook? There are some great dog communities on Facebook you can join. There is a new on called WOOF Support where many of us dog bloggers are members and help each other out with reactive dog behaviors. Generally, we talk about leash reactive behavior, but your situation is very similar. Come join us!

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