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Wise friends and other pet bloggers :0p I am once again throwing myself at your feet and asking for some advice…

I have a slight problem with the two guys in my life. You see BD and Mity are getting on like a house on fire. Although I watch them both like a very relaxed hawk (as I know any tension from me would make them tense) when they are together. They are both so good and I am now often laughing at the antics of the two of them when they are together; there’s been the time Mity decided to sit on BDs head, the time BD jumped Mity because he spun around to chase a stick and Mity was in his way. I could go on and on, but to be honest I am massively tight on time and want to get this out, plus leaving it brief gives me room to expand next time I am stuck for content.

The problem is that they want to play together. We did have this problem before when having gotten on really well we started leaving the toys out when they were together. But it started to cause a problem and so the toys were removed. The playing problem has raised its head again. They are both quite happy doing there own thing but when Mity wants to have his made five minutes BD wants to join in. However the site of a very large ginger collie coming at you when you are small and grey is a little daunting and Mity freezes on the spot.

This happened last night as I was laying out BDs bedding. They were both with me and as I lay down the sheet Mity took off, from the conservatory to the dining room with BD in hot pursuit. It looked like BD was trying to round up Mity, which Mity isn’t a huge fan of and I panicked and shouted Mitys name in a panicked tone.

In hindsight I do not think that BD was trying to hurt Mity or that it was in the least bit aggressive. It did however shake Mity up slightly. I could tell as he kept his distance from BD for a while hiding behind a couple of chairs. It also shook me up. I don’t want to have them in a position where something happens and it puts us back a step.

So what do I do? It feels wrong to stop them playing as I don’t want Mity to think having BD in his house means that he can’t have any fun – we already take away his toys. But I would never forgive myself if anything happened as it would affect them both massively.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated massively!

11 thoughts on “How to play

  1. Could you try a very short and quiet play session to start with, when you have someone there to help you? If that goes well you can introduce regular, controlled sessions and see how it goes.

      • I think one of the bloggers with a multi-dog household might have better ideas for you on this one, but I would choose a word and make sure that both dogs understand it means the end of play – I’d teach them separately. I’d then start them both playing with a person each to see how they handle the excitement when they’re near to each other. I would want to be confident that they can both stop and calm down quickly when given the word before taking it further.

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  3. Clowie has the right of it. Allow them to play together for short sessions only. Stop play BEFORE they get to the point where one of them is uncomfortable. This will ensure their play sessions end on a happy note. A word that means end of play is a great idea too. I use the command “enough” when I want Maya and Pierson to stop playing. Maya and Pierson get along pretty well, but Pierson tends to get a little rough.

  4. Unfortunately I’m in no position to give advice about this right now (as you know) but I just wanted to say I hope you figure out what’s safe play and what’s not. Every animal is different and it is such an individual thing. Trust your instincts. 🙂

  5. Hiya, i would suggest a chat with your vets. Our vets are great and chat with me at reception, they just pop out of their rooms if they aren’t busy with pets already. I must had had about five appointments-worth of free talk time. Everyone of them in that vets adores animal, and the majority are dog owners so its great first hand advice, not text-bookish advice.

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