A heart to heart

I know, please fell free to shout at me or bang your (or probably my) head against a brick wall (metaphorically obviously!) But, I am going to share this bit of news. OH is in the process of getting a divorce. For me this is a huge thing. His refusal to divorce was a major issue for me, I worried that he was still in love with her and so every argument we had I would over analyse to see if this meant he loved her more.

I am not getting excited. I have major trust issues after what happened and I know that I still want marriage and children which OH is not sure about so in the scheme of things… But I have a list of demands suggestions that need to have been thought about and discussed before I would even consider the notion of us getting back together.

Things are still progressing, I am still getting my house (fingers crossed) and come the new year I will be launching myself back onto the dating scene. I am not putting my life on hold for him. But last night we had a proper heart to heart conversation (something I didn’t know OH was able to have) and there is a tiny part of me that is a little bit hopeful.

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