Save the Blow Dry – #Review

So the lovely people at SAVE THE BLOW DRY have said they will let me review their new shower cap. When I received the email confirming that I could review the shower cap I did let out a little squeak of delight (yes I do that sometimes) sat at my desk in the office!


I have thick hair.

I know a lot of people will tell you they have thick hair but I will argue with you that my hair is thicker. It’s weird the things I am competitive over!! It takes me an hour to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair for a night out (hence I don’t do it very often!) My hairdresser has commented that if she went to town with the thinning scissors on other peoples hair even half as much as she goes to town with mine they would have no hair left. To highlight my hair (full head) takes just under 2 hours – it’s a good job that I enjoy reading mindless celebrity gossip! Have I convinced you yet??

Throughout my teenage and adult years I have wasted a small fortune on products that never live up to their promises: curling products, hair is straight within the hour despite me using a can of firm hold hairspray. Remember those crocodile clip things that were all the raise? the ones where you twisted your hair and ta-da a sophisticated up do – not on me; if it held for 2 minutes it was a success and usually because I had spent those two minutes standing statue still not moving a muscle!

So when I read about a product that promised to “cover the longest, thickest styles” I knew that in hair volume alone I was the person to test this shower cap.

The SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap promises a super-savvy cap that combines “gorgeous waterproof design with an internal layer of super-absorbent micro-weave towelling”. This towelling is supposed to zap humidity and condensation, bathroom proofing hair and leaving it dry and bouncy…. I have to admit I was sceptical about this product doing everything it claims and so when I started this review I was seriously expecting the shower cap to fail.

I am delighted to say could not have been more wrong. I love the SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap.

When I first tried the cap in the shower I spent the first few minutes standing stock still. I hardly dared to put my head near the cascade of water as I expecting the shower cap would be a complete failure and I was worried about how to write a bad review – little miss glass half empty! But I had a word with myself; this product makes some great promises and I owe it to you and the company to really put the shower cap to the test – please skirt over the moment that I have just admitted to thinking about you all in the shower!

Before photos:

The SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap advises tying up and securing long or thicker hair, pfft this is a review and so I decided to leave mine loose (maximum challenge) and I am pleased to say that despite me bending over, splashing around and almost trying to get my hair wet (sorry about that mental image!). My hair stayed dry.

Once brushed out it was as good as when I originally styled my hair and this cap is significantly more successful than every other shower cap I have ever used!

I have been using the SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap for a number of weeks now and my only complaint would be that around the elastic band struggles to dry out post shower and I can see little spots of condensation between the towel and plastic parts of the cap. However this does not stop the shower cap from keeping my hair in top condition, it merely makes me wonder how the cap will last long term, with daily use?!

I love that Save the blow dry are partnered with Khandel light, a charity that works to greatly improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, Rajasthan, India. Every Save the Blow Dry sold through their website, directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in this desert region, making a basic, but vital difference to people living with constant drought, where temperatures soar to 45 degrees.

Priced at £14.95, SAVE THE BLOW DRY if I was out shopping I would probably over look this shower cap and assume it was another product that would make promises it couldn’t keep however I do really like this product and would definitely consider buying this as a gift and I will be replacing mine when needed (Sometime in the future I hope).

SAVE THE BLOW DRY is available at selective retails and salon partners and full product information can be found on their website.

*Please note: I was given a free SAVE THE BLOW DRY shower cap for the purpose of this review, but all opinions, thoughts and dodgy photos are my own.

2 thoughts on “Save the Blow Dry – #Review

  1. Great review.
    I’m often contacted to review beauty products, but then they give up when they realize that I’m a guy lol
    But my hair is thicker.
    Ever touched a pig?
    Well, my hair is that thick.

    • You really want to start this because I will take you down…. ok you were warned.

      pig hair – ha the pigs look at me with envy when they walk past, they wish they could have hair as thick as mine :0P

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