What will the neighbours think?

This thought came to me this morning as I pulled up outside the house I used to live in to take BD for a walk around the village I used to live in before settling BD for the day and undertaking the commute I used to take before OH (technically) kicked me out of my house.

Stupidly, one of my first thoughts when I moved out of my old house was “what will the neighbours think of me if I move back in”. (Well it did make a nice change from the “where did it all go wrong” “why doesn’t he love me anymore” “what’s wrong with me” and “how could he do this to me” questions which we on a constant loop in my head.) However, this has come to bother me deeply that I would let something as stupid as worry what people think about me stop me from doing what I want to do in my life.

Obviously when asking myself these questions I also try and answer them:
• Wow, does that girl have no self-respect? If it was me he wouldn’t see me again for dust!
• How desperate is she to keep going around the house?
• Do you think she cheated on him and that’s why he chucked her out? (I didn’t and wouldn’t!)
• Do you think she has put on weight?

Notice that this list is all negative, not once have I given myself or the neighbours any credit. I haven’t decided that they would think “wow, she is very dedicated to BD I don’t know if I could love my dog so much that I would put myself through the initial heartache she felt” or “I wonder how she is doing” or “I hope she is ok”.

This morning I took BD on one of our favourite walks. This walk I would do with him every time I was responsible for his morning walks and today one this walk I decided not to worry. I am going to stop caring what people think, I am going to stop let negative comments affect my life and the way I live it.
Right now I have amazing friends, family and bloggers who have supported me through some of the worst weeks of my life. I value all the advice and support I have been given, and appreciate everyone who has spared a few moments to give me some advice. However, right now I feel I am at a cross roads – I don’t know if the decisions I am going to make are going to be the right ones, but they are my decisions and I am going to own them.

Here I go…

4 thoughts on “What will the neighbours think?

  1. Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be the right decision for you. No one else truly knows what you’re going through, so there is no way we can know the right answers. To hell with what your neighbors and other people think. I hope my own advice didn’t upset you. It was merely meant to give you another perspective, not to tell you what you should do. Take care and enjoy your walk with BD. ❤

  2. You know, I worry what fellow bloggers, friends and family will think of me but I rarely worry about the neighbors. How random though, this morning I was leaving with a small suitcase full of mom’s things to bring to her at the nursing home and I thought, I wonder if the neighbors think I’m leaving? How weird is that?

    I have one piece of advice for you and only one, are you ready? Here it is….”Make the decision that you can live with, you don’t want to look back and say, what if I’d….

    That’s it really.

    • Very very wise advice and I at the moment that is exactly what I am doing.

      I find it freaky how many times I have thought something to find someone else blogging about it – kinda like we are all linked in some spooky way?!

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