Another rubbish game

Well it is the season for fun and festivities and having instigated the world worse game of guess who the other day I am up-ing the anti and today bring you Cluedo!
(if you haven’t stopped reading at this point and find the coming content worrying then you only have yourselves to blame – you have been worn!)
I will set the scene…
In my parents’ house you come in the front door and then enter the lunge on your left. If you walk through the lounge you will appear in the dining room, from where you can enter the kitchen on your left or continue straight on to the conservatory.
Last night my folks had been grocery shopping and when they got back they carried the shopping bags through the house into the kitchen where I joined them to help the unpacking. The shopping bags were put in the centre of the kitchen floor and unpacked from that position. Mity was digging his head into various bags to see what he could steal and everything was normal.
Until my dad moved the middle most shopping bag and I stood where it had been to try and pick up a rather heavy grocery bag which needed taking to the fridge (which is in the outside porch of the kitchen). ..
You know when you put your foot down…. but your foot slides…..and then you smell poo?? Yep right there in the middle of the kitchen in the place where only moments earlier a shopping bag had sat.
Now are you ready for the game. So I want to know who was the culprit and where the bloody hell had the poo come from?
When forming your conclusion, please take account the following additional info:
• Mity had come back into the house with my parents, so had not been left unattended. We were all in the kitchen and had he squatted we would have seen and stopped him.
• The Poo was nowhere near a door and the very rare occasions that Mity does have an accident it is a due to our neglect and always next to the door that he will have spent ages indicating he wanted to go out of. (I would like to point out this has only happened perhaps once or twice in his life – I do not make a habit of ignoring him!)
• A poo hunt revealed some near the front door but nothing in the lounge, on anyone’s shoes or the bottom of the shopping bags.
Answers on a postcard ;0)

8 thoughts on “Another rubbish game

  1. An interesting mystery. Yuck! I think Donna and the Dogs might have an answer. BTW, Maya loves to go through the grocery bags too. She never takes anything (unless it is a stuffed toy).

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