Not My Morning

I have a feeling I may have used this title before – it happens to me a lot! – I hope the entirety of wordpress doesn’t implode when I hit the publish button or am I just getting slightly carried away with the idea of my own importance? Anyway…

So this morning started off well enough, I had BD over night again and things were significantly better between him and Mity than last time (whoop!). Although they seem to have developed a fun new game which I’m not so keen on, but I will tell you about another time. My morning routine when I have BD is that I get up earlier take him for a walk and then leave him at the old house before I head to work. This morning started off pretty much as any other only with the added bonus that OH was collecting him from work so we could have a longer walk. I packed BD and his over night bag into the car and we set off to our walking spot. The walk is lovely and currently walking BD is one of the few times I am truly happy.

I was a little on edge as we started the morning walk, BD’s muzzle seemed to have not made it to my car (I stop en route to the old house to walk him.) But we never see any dogs and he is fine so long as the dogs don’t get into his personal space. So as I watched the two deer (with white bums – apparently that could be a clue as to their type?!) and BD had fun chasing squirrels – although he is less than impressed that they always seem to cheat and head up a tree! – I enjoyed the moment, the gorgeous pink sky and I began to relax – little did I know it was the last time I would feel relaxed for the next few hours.

For some reason my ball throwing skills were poorer than usually and so this morning was spent with BD giving me significantly more credit than I was due. He would race off to where he thought the ball would land, and the ball would land a few inches from my feet which lead to a very fun game of ‘who can find the ball first’. BD loved it and was running around like a loon with a big smile on his face, I must admit I was having fun too. Although the 5 minutes spent trying to find the ball whilst BD ran around ‘finding’ the ball with the ball firmly in his mouth could have been more productive especially as we had to do the return journey to my folks house to pick up the muzzle before I headed to work.

For the first time ever this morning as we were walking back to the car, as luck would have it on the narrow part of the walk. We came face to face with three dogs, on leads. Usually BD has a harness that he wears as he is a big welsh collie and stronger than me. This morning I had decided not to put on the harness as we were tight on time – we had to return to pick up the muzzle – and I wanted optimum walking time. Although BD is pretty good, I was slightly nervy when we saw this guy. Luckily the guy walking the dogs had some common sense and agreed to waiting while I headed to a wider part of the path and got BD out of the way for him to then walk past with his three. BD was amazing, he didn’t pull and his only reaction was to bite his tennis ball (which he was holding in his mouth, as he carries it back to the car) slightly firmer when one of the dogs had a little growl at him! Walk done, now to retrieve the muzzle.

One key thing to point out at this point is my petrol situation this morning was not the best. I had enough to get me to work but as I had taken the decision to spend the time I could have used filling up my tank, both last night and this morning, with BD I did not have enough petrol to drive to and from my parents house and then drive like a law abiding (obviously) maniac to work and so I was not surprised when I heard the warning ‘bong’ from my petrol light although I may have uttered another naughty word.

The only good thing about my new (significantly longer) commute is that usually I am going against the traffic and I head away from the town when I head into work. However this morning I sat with the hundreds of other commuters and crawled painstakingly slowly back to my folks house. I swore quietly under my breath as I realised I was cutting it fine to get to work on time. Turns out God is shit hot on car parking spaces, but his traffic management system needs some work – I was a few minutes late for work.

On arrival I was asked if I could pop to the local shop to collect the papers for the day. Unfortunately there is no way to get to the shop without going in your car (it is too far to walk) and as I was late I didn’t feel I could say no and so off I went telling myself “if it came to is pushing my car back from the shop would at least burn off a few calories”.

You will be pleased to hear the papers were collected without incident. When I got back into the office I delivered the papers and set about making myself a well earned coffee. I did the usually collection of my colleagues cups, went into the kitchen, picked up the instant coffee and threw it over the entire surface and floor. I swore loudly this time and burst into tears.

Mopping up the coffee I neglected to properly ring out the dishcloth and so I managed to stain the entire kitchen a lovely brown (which did eventually come off) colour before setting about making the drinks. I do this quite a lot, yet this morning I made every single drink wrong. I added sugar when it wasn’t needed, used the wrong milk (I have goats, they have cows) and the few that were made right…well they would have been right had they not been made in the wrong cups!

At 9.10 I finally sat down at my desk ready for my day to start!!

O and at 13:40 when I finally found time to eat my lunch (it has been a good but very busy day) I put my soup in the microwave for far too long and managed to evaporate off all the water so I had mush to eat!

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