I failed my dogs!

It was while I was still living with BD and OH. My mum and dad had come over for the evening and brought Mity with them. The process of introducing Mity to BD was a very slow on, I took baby steps and then some. To begin with BD would be locked in the kitchen while we were at my folks and although they could see each other they couldn’t get to each other. I did not like this as BD was alone for most of the visit, but what option did I have? BD has issues with anyone around his face, he needs his space, and Mity loves every dog he meets and I knew if the two were put together a fight most probably would have occurred and not only would I never forgive myself the mental harm it would do to both Mity and BD meant that the risk wasn’t worth it!

As I got to know BD more, I realised that he very rarely instigates the incidents, usually he will give off all the correct warnings but the other dog will ignore him so he panics, and that he is much less concerned when he is off the lead as this means he can get away from the other dog.

When I first introduced Mity and BD to each other it was in a big field with BD loose and Mity on an extendable lead. It was better than I could imagine, they both completely ignored each other. As they got more and more used to each other we started bringing them closer to each other – Mity was let off the lead so if he wanted to approach MD he could, we would go to the pub for a drink and they would sit separated by the table in the beer garden together. Eventually we took them back to the garden, then to the house – BD is always muzzled around Mity but over time they have gotten better at ignoring each other. We have slowly left toys out when they are together and everything was going well. Until I messed up.

It was one evening after work, mum and dad had bought Mity to my house and the two dogs were roaming around the garden. In the garden was BDs treat ball and Mity had taken an interest in it pushing it around with his nose – there were no treats in the ball (Mity has colitis and so we are extra carefully with what he has access to!) BD decided to go and put his head close to Mity…

this was the moment that I hate myself for, I didn’t move. Part of me wanted to walk across, remove the treat ball and call them both away. However there was the other part of me (the part I listened to) who didn’t want to make a big deal of this by calling them away and BD had chosen to put his head next to Mity so I watched from the door.

it happened so quickly, BD growled and Mity was knocked onto his back. I screamed, probably no, and ran across the garden, I was there in seconds (it is only a small garden) grab Mity to my chest and then reached out to BD and noticed he had a tiny “nick” on his nose that was bleeding.

I failed my dogs:

1. I picked up Mity and then having checked he was ok I reached out to BD. My poor scared, frightened big guy was left to the side for what will only have been minutes while I checked Mity.

2. I noticed the “nick” on BDs nose and my first thought was – did Mity bite him, or catch him in error? Mity who has never bitten a dog in his entire life, who has been attacked too many times and never put up a fight I thought may have bitten BD.

I feel like such a failure, and even now sharing this I have tears running down my face. Because of my pour judgement I put my dogs in a bad situation and I let them down.

Since this incident Mity and BD have spent more time together, and although both are just slightly more on edge around each other now there has been no more incidents and they are getting more and more used to be around each other.

But I still failed!!

10 thoughts on “I failed my dogs!

  1. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t that bad. It’s no use beating yourself up over it, learn from it and be better prepared in the future. It sounds as though you frightened yourself more than the dogs.

  2. Aww you didn’t fail them because you have learnt from the experience. When I looked after dogs I had to hide Shadow’s toys & treat ball because he was ever so possessive about them, they were his and his only. A nick is nothing, it was probably a nip, if it wasn’t done by accident.

    Dogs teeth are designed to rip through raw meat, if serious harm had been meant, I think you would be seeing deep wounds, not just a scratch. You reacted quickly and it is natural you are upset and shaken but it’s not your fault, it’s obvious you care and are doing everything the right way. You’re human, we all make mistakes, trust me, even dog trainers make mistakes sometimes.


    • Thank you. At first we hid all toys but they got on fine and there favourite game is stealing each others toys and running away with them (not being pursued by the other one as the other one just watches them!)

      It was the closeness to his face that BD reacted too. Lesson learnt though!

      How’s training with Shadow going?

  3. You only feel like a failure because you’re so loving and vigilant that you know what perfection looks like. And you know what? None of us attains it. And we never will.

    I hope you can forgive yourself. No real harm was done.

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