A slow news day

No I have made no secret of the fact I worry about things, probably more than I should. However I don’t know if this is another over-reaction or a sign of things to come…

Last night I decided to give myself a night off, since moving home my friends have been amazing and I have so far only had one night when I had nothing planned – when I was in bed at 7, and having a panic attack that my life was over. But as usual the worrying and panicking was for nothing as it turned out my life hasn’t reverted to me sitting sad and alone anyway…

So last night Mum, dad, Mity and I were sat around the TV playing the usual game of flick through all the channels to find something to watch, then complain that there are now so many channels but still nothing decent to watch. Well Mity was squeaking his moose, but the rest of us were flicking and complaining. It reached 9pm and we decided that we would watch the news for half an hour and then call it an early night.

As we watched the news I passed the comment that it must be a very slow news day as we went across live to the “breaking news” of the Toronto major admitting he had used cocaine. Now while I am not underplaying the seriousness of this, to go live to a press report without filling in the key information about who, what, where, why and when left a lot of questions unasked and so we were left a bit puzzled watching what appeared to be a bit of a nothing.

I went to bed and made the mistake of reaching out for OH, which I have done involuntarily a couple of times recently and it hurts. Wanted to stop this pain I reached for my phone and having failed to see anything to amuse me on Facebook I took to twitter. On twitter I learnt that that evening there had been worldwide protests with demonstrations taking place at that very moment in Ireland, the UK and America as well as else where in the world. I turned back on the news assuming this would make the 10pm news – I was reading about police clashes, fires and fireworks outside Buckingham Palace, Russell Brand, globally organised protests… and there was nothing.

I can’t help but asking why wasn’t this story featured? People are blaming the government… can this be true?

I know that sometimes large protest events aren’t made too much to not “pour fuel on the fire” but surely something of this magnitude should have been reported?

I don’t know about you but I find this total media black out slightly worrying.

3 thoughts on “A slow news day

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