Just call me “Little Miss Spontaneous ”

One of the many things I loved about OH (Yep despite the topic being in no way related to him I am still continuing to talk about him – what is with that?!) anyway…

One of the many things I loved about OH was his spontaneity, he would get an idea into his head and he would go and do it, we would go and do it. I have never been the spontaneous type, I can’t possibly do something unless I have worried about it, panicked a little, worried a bit more and changed my mind about doing said activity before finally deciding that yes I will do that scary thing…go to the cinema…go to a restaurant…take a bike ride. Seriously I’m a head case!

Anyway OH would often do things without (what would appear) to be any planning, he did not worry, stress or panic and so things got done and I had some of the best experiences of my life – I did things I never thought I would do and I loved them.
Now that I am alone, I have decided that I don’t want to lose this part of my life, and although there will be a huge amount of worrying, panic and stress I want to be more spontaneous.

So far I have tried twice to be spontaneous…and failed both times!

1. I had a friend around for dinner and whilst there I asked if he fancied going with me to see Aida when it was coming to our local theatre. He was up for this and so when I went online to book the tickets and look at cost and dates it became apparent that I shouldn’t have waited to ask my friend about this for a week. The curtain had risen on the one night show five minutes before we went online.

2. I love John Bishop, I have seen him many times and I think he is extremely funny, entertaining and dare I admit weirdly sexy! So I have started doing the only thing logical and I am stalking him on both twitter and Facebook. This meant that I was the first person (if you don’t count his 2004591 twitter followers or 584k facebook fans, family or friends) to find out about the gig he is having in a local venue to raise fund for charity. Determined to learn from my previous fail I took to my own facebook page and asked all my friends if anyone would like to go with me, I got two responses and so on my lunch break today went online to book tickets to discover the show is this Sunday….at 2pm… and I have plans :0(

Maybe this spontaneous thing just isn’t for me?!

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