When it all gets too much – bake some buns!

This post goes out with a special shout out to the wonderful Mrs Capt’n Firepants who has a brilliant blog and so once you have finished enjoying mine *subtle hint, cough cough!* then please pop by and say hello, you will not be disappointed!

(or it will if it ever gets posted as the stupid internet has decided to work against me -grr!!)

It is only Monday and already I’m having a bad week. Following on from the other days blank canvas post, I didn’t want to get all negative again and moan about how one of my friends seems to have decided I am responsible for everything bad in his life and is currently sending me abusive messages which are nicely getting worse if I try and ignore him, or the fact that OH has decided he is too tired to drive BD to my folks house tonight, and so if I want to see him I have to go to my old house, get him out the back garden and walk him around the village that used to be home, in the dark and probable rain. O and can I just put it out there I am scared of the dark – silly I know, but my heart rate quickens and I jump at every sound – this does not make for a relaxing walk or something I am particularly looking forward to….

but I really didn’t want another woe is me type post. Which let me once again starring into space and wishing my life had kinda worked out differently. Then I read the comment that the lovely Mrs F had put on my blog about feeling free to post a picture of a half eaten sandwich if I want to, and while I do not have a half eaten sandwich to show you today (I got my finger out and made a salad). I do have pictures of how I spent a few hours enjoying myself this weekend – baking buns.

And so here should be the lovely picture of my home made Carrot cake buns with cream cheese icing that I made for the first time this weekend. However the photos are on my phone and my phone has decided it doesn’t for reasons know only to itself want to share my picture with the rest of the world and so will not send the picture to my computer so that I can share it all with you.

Good job everything else is going so well in my life or this could really push me over the edge!!! :0)

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