blank canvas

Some I am sitting her thinking I need to do something to cheer up my blog, cheer up myself. I don’t want to scare off the few readers that I have (thank you by the way, you will never know how much it means to me!) and there is only so long anyone can stand a “woe is me” person.

However my problem is I don’t know where I go from here….I could tell you that OH has selected to drop BD off for me again tonight and that I am putting a lot of effort into not thinking about “what this means”… I could tell you about my friend that appears to be having some sort of break down and for the last few days has accused me of trying to ruin his life…I could tell you about the rip-off £2 tuna sandwich that I just had for my lunch which was devoid of tuna (the filling was so sparse I nearly took a photo to prove this point, however the idea didn’t come to me until I have eaten half of my sandwich)… I could yet again wax lyrical about how I have no idea where my life is heading and no idea how to get out of this funk I am in… yet none of these themes really grab me and I feel if I am writing about something if I don’t care about it why the heck would you guys?

So I am sat here staring at a blank canvas, which is very poetic. When I started this blog I thought it would be brilliant because it would cover the most exciting years of my life, moving in with the “one”, setting up a family, having children and that it would be something I could look back and treasure.

However now as with my life I just don’t know where to go… although the positive thing is, with your support I know I am not going there alone!

Thank you x

6 thoughts on “blank canvas

  1. I’d find somewhere else to buy lunch first! BOL!
    Seriously, most of us have times when we don’t know where we’re headed. Knowing that probably doesn’t make it any easier to get through though.

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