fuss about nothing

I have written before about my morning routine and how I this has significantly changed since I had moved back in with my parents. Well I once of the many things that has been playing on my minds is the change to my evening routine…

I am one of these people who are better busy. When OH and I initially started dating I was out every day of the week with Zumba, aquafit, poolates, singing lessons, drama, meeting friends. My life was a whirlwind of running from one activity to another, and although this tired me out I loved it.

When OH and I moved in together a lot of these activities stopped mainly because I moved away from where a lot of the activates were held but also because I was warn out from rushing here, there and everywhere and I wanted some time to re-coup. This lead to a new routine where I got in from work, walked BD or we all went out on a cycle ride, did some training (of BD not OH – maybe that’s where I went wrong!), brushed BD, cooked tea, cleaned up, did housework, sorted lunch for the next day, washing….. I spent my evenings busy in a new way and I loved it!

I may have previously mentioned this but pre living with OH I was always a bit of a TV addict and I used the TV as others may use the radio. This meant that far too many times, I would waste an entire evening watching nothing but rubbish on TV. I felt this was a waste, and to avoid this I did all the pre-mentioned activities. OH didn’t like having the TV on all the time, and through living with him I have rediscovered my love for reading books and on an evening we would both curl up in bed and read for a while before falling asleep in each others arms. In fact I am massively impressed with myself that on the last weekend away with OH the TV didn’t go on once!

Knowing I was moving home I knew I would not have as much to fill my evening with, I am saving like a maniac and commuting miles so I can no longer afford all the clubs I did before. Also the long commute means I am now getting home in the cold and dark and after a long tedious day getting on my bike and heading out in the cold and rain, without the proper gear, is not top of my list of things to do. I worried that I would quickly slip back into old habits of watching rubbish on TV until late in the evening.

Last night, while working on my computer I had the TV on in the background, mum and dad had gone up to bed and left it on and I was killing time until Made in Chelsea came on – yes it is my guilty pleasure, I watch it and can spend the entire programme yelling abuse at stupid rich people! A newish television programme came on the screen – Gogglebox. For those of you who have not seen it, basically it is a programme watching peoples reactions as they watch television programmes from that week – a new cultural low I feel. On odd occasions I would glance up from my computer screen to see what was eliciting such shrieks and screams from the people ‘starring’ in this show and this is how I ended up watching:
– A woman masturbating a walrus, with a close up on his face and neither region as he approached and then climaxed. (God knows how I am ever going to get those images out of my head, good job it is a long time before I will be having sex again!
– Drunken blokes peeing in a toilet and then rolling on the floor of this night club toilets covering themselves in god knows what!

Concerned that I would end up watching rubbish on TV – no idea why I worried about that!!

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