I survived!

I survived, it didn’t go completely without stress – OH pointed out just how awkward the situation was and I am now analysing every second of the conversation to see if I can figure out how he is feeling, what’s going on in his head and when he will turn up on his white horse and beg me to take him back?

BD and Mity were ok together, and I am now concerned about the next time they come round (which is Friday as OH has suddenly asked if I would like him again for a few hours on Friday – and don’t think I haven’t over analysed the heck out of the meaning behind this too!)

I would go into more details but my internet is playing a brilliant game where I can only see what I am writing so long as I am writing, if I stop or delete the screen greys over and I can’t see a thing so heaven knows how this post will actually appear. But not being able to over share is perhaps a good thing, I am happy to share my story, but don’t want to over share OHs and plus I may well start haemorrhaging readers if I suddenly ask you all to leave a 500 word essay entitled what is going on in a mans head!

Now I find out if this will actually post?!

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