I have a thing

As discussed in my earlier post the bike ride to work is downhill, the bike ride home however is not, and every time I cycle through the ideal village that I now call home, I can’t help but wonder why OH didn’t look more closely at purchasing the house which was at the bottom of the hill!

In my lovely idyllic village there are a few characters, you have the very lovely house which has a very large collection of plastic birds on their front lawn, you have the gentleman who puts up so many Christmas lights that people travel from miles around to see them (including TV crews, yes he was on the local news), you have the very old, forgotten about house that I must admit gives me the creeps slightly, and we have the lovely dog crazy lady who has decided she is going to make it her job to help me help my dog overcome fear aggression, and we have the local pub that in about 1000 years’ time our childrens’ childrens’ children will be seen as new to the village.

OH and I have discussed these various characters with our family and friends as we regal them with stories about a life in the country. Unfortunately as I was laughing with one of my friends the other day about how I was told of for not answering my door once when someone called round (I may have been out at work, but apparently this isn’t a good enough excuse!) I suddenly had a horrible dawning realisation…..

As previously mentioned I have just started to cycle to work, as previously mentioned the home journey is all uphill with the worst hill being through the village up to our house, however, until now I have not mentioned that when going up said hill on an evening I have got a tendency to grunt and grown when I feel like my legs are about to fall off…..

Yes dear readers this means that I too have become a character of the village, I too have a trait, a thing….

Ladies and gentleman I am the lady who cycles through the village making sex noises!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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