Are you having fun yet?

So I have taken the decision to do something positive for me. I am not alone in admitting that I do not like my body, I will always look in the mirror and see my bad skin, my flabby tummy, my muffin top, (the list goes on) and even though I know I do not look half as bad as I think I do for so long I have wanted to do something about it. I am not obsessed with becoming a size 8 or my weight (scales were banned in my house when my dad learned he would be living with 3 woman and so I have never known my weight!) but I would like to get ready for a night out and not have to think “does this make me look fat.”
I am sure we have all seen those woman who struggle to squeeze themselves into a top/trousers/dress which is just that little bit to small and had the thought “ If you had only gone up a size or two that would have looked so much better.” I know that squeezing into something to small can make you look so much bigger!

Anyway, I digress, which is so unlike me :0), anyway like I said I decided to do something positive about this (and maybe a potential holiday with a woman who is skinner than me, but I really don’t get on with helped) so I have decided to start biking to work. For weeks I have been driving to and from work in the lovely sunshine with my car windows down (or AC on if I am on the motorway!) and thought how lovely it would be to cycle the back roads to work, well this week I did something about it and on Monday morning I got onto my bike.

All in all the bike ride went well and I massively enjoyed it (the journey to work is downhill) however there was one moment when I did have to smile (or maybe I would have cried) I had been going for about 20 minutes and came to one of the few hills on the way into work, as I started to approach said hill the rain started for the first time in months, it was so heavy I had drops forming on the brink of my helmet. As I puffed my way up the hill, in the rain, not knowing what time I would arrive at work and how many people would be there to witness me sweaty, in lycra, and makeupless my ipod clicked onto one of my favourite tunes and for the entire way up the hill I had Nickleback shouting at me “are you having fun yet?” …Um ….what do you think??

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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