So I have had a blog for what a couple of months now and I seem to be struggling for content. Only that isn’t really true, I am struggling with what content to share.

When I started this blog I wanted it to be about my life, a place where I could be open and honest about my past experiences, my future hopes and share my life with what I hope would become a worldwide group of friends. I read so many brilliant blogs, as part of my job, and I saw the friendship and support they received and I wanted that for me.

The problem is that a lot of my story is wrapped up in OH, since I first met him I knew he was something a little special, to the extent that I took a massive decision and applied for a job where the only reason I was applying was the job location was close to where OH worked and so I hoped that would lead to a ‘living together’ conversation in the future (which it did whoop me!)
However now I am very aware that his story is his story and not mine to share, but how do I share so much of what is going on with me, and what I want to write about with letting some of his story out? His past is affecting my future, and I want to share that future with you, but can’t without sharing a little of his past. Do you see the circle?

OH has suffered from a past relationship, and I can see that suffering affecting our relationship, in the same way that the bullying and mind games I suffered are affecting our relationship but whereas I can share my past where’s the line as to what I share of his?
Any thoughts?

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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