I’ll take the hint!

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? Well tonight I think it is telling me to quit playing around………..and do my homework!

I am not a child – I’m 27, however I think I hit the age of 19 decided this was the right age for how mature I felt and now I still can’t quite believe I am an actual grown up, living in a grown up house, with a grown up boy (please take the wording grown up with a pinch of salt) and one of the worlds best dogs! However, the last two weeks have been acting just as I did as a child when I had homework due.

Work has decided I should further my career and so sent me on a course, at first I was very pleased to be sent on said course, however when I realised this meant a few 5am starts on a Saturday morning to get me down to London in time for my course my level of enthusiasm dropped slightly – after all this is their topic of study not mine! – and then when I realised I would have to do homework….. I hate homework, always have and always will!

I was like this as a child in school and remember endless fights with my parents when I was stressed at having left something to the last minute, at Uni my avoidance techniques included house cleaning, washing and joining a gym. This week has been no different and instead of doing said work I have:
• Gone shopping for new house things
• Gone food shopping
• Taken the dog on a walk
• Taken the dog on a run
• Taken the dog to agility
• Washed all my curtains in the new house
• Watched all the lounge windows in my new house (which involved slicing my thumb open)
• Dusted
• Watched Rugby
• Made a pie
• Designed flyers for my drama group
• Stayed late at work

Tonight however karma or some other cosmic force decided to come into play, and so when I decided to make a cup of tea, eat multiple biscuits and generally put off doing said homework for another night, my computer decided to crash any time I decided to log onto anything that was not a microsoft word and my phone decided to not update facebook, my emails or anything else that could possibly be used to delay!

O well sometimes a girl just has to take a hint!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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