Mr & Mrs Bodgits Kitchen

Having read all about our lounge in my previous post ( I would have linked to it here, but I have only scheduled and I have no idea how you link to an unpublished post! Please use the scrolley buttons, that if set up right should be at the top and/or bottom of this post)

So we walk from my lovely (if you don’t look too deeply) lounge and into my kitchen which as with the lounge on first appearances looks absolutely lovely. it is only when you look closer that you will realise that the lovely irregular black and white tiles, are in fact square tiles that have just been really badly grouted! However, I should really be thankful as they have not sealed around the egde of the kitchen worksurface!

My kitchen cabinets however are lovely, and you will maintian this opinion until you open them and realise that a. some are missing their backs and b. that the cupboards are so tiny you can’t fit anything into them!! We’ve been here two months and I still don’t know where things are going to live full time and am using the same pan for everything as it is too much of a chew to get any other ones out!

Moving on from the kitchen, to the understairs cupboard, we have to pause and switch on an outer lightswitch before we can get the lights in the understairs cupboard to work (OH figured out which light switch did the trick, I turned all of the three light switches on this panel on as the other two intially didn’t appear to do anything anyways, and one still doesn’t!)

In the understairs cupboard you can feast your eyes on random pipes, a hose pipe which has been turned into an outside tap, and numerous door handles which have been hung at 90 degree (can’t find the symbol) angle and hidden amoungst the various coat hangers and random nails!

I’ll be honest, the ones pointing up I kinda can see the lodgic of – if I really look hard) but the ones pointing down??!!!

2 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Bodgits Kitchen

  1. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday. It meant a lot to me to know that I have helped you in some way and I am so glad you introduced yourself! I don’t know if I can provide any agility advice as it is a sport I have struggled with a lot in the three years we practiced it but I am always willing to cheer on a fellow competitor and lend a sympathetic ear.

    Also, I love the name of your blog and am so happy to have found it!

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