Penguins Vs Gypsies

So over the weekend OH and myself had a slightly massive fight and one that I am still not completely over and have spent all day worrying about what it means for us in the short term, long term and every other term I can think of (it may not surprise you to learn that I am a worrier!) And in true male styley (yes a massive stereo-type but in my experience of the male of our species completely true) he has completely and utterly forgotten that it has even happened.

He did have male intuition enough to realise I was still upset when I came in from work, however he did not enquire for to long as to what was wrong, and so we went on a freezing cold dog walk, disussed the day and sat down in front of the telly to drink the bottle of wine I had bought for us (me) as I thought it was deserved after a day of analysis of said argument and tears! As I am sat with laptop on lap, he claimed control of the remote control and turned over from the big fat qypsie valentine whatever that I was watching, although that may be good for my health as a glass of wine down I was becoming envious of the fact that their boyfriends wanted to marry them, that the will get the big white dress… let’s be honest it is not a healthy place to be!… and instead he has switched to a penguin documentary. This would be fine, but I am a MASSIVE animal lover and am absolutely rubbish at all natural history programmes when animals are in danger and so I am now sat in terms watching a solitary penguin trying to find his friends that left him when he got losts in the maze – there aren’t enough tissues in the house!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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