and then the dog was sick!

9 times, all over the kitchen floor and then twice more at the bottom of the stairs!!

I hated having to leave him and go to work and made OH promise he will return on home on his lunch break to check on him.

He looked so sorry for him and I hated that I had to leave him, and I hated even more that I had to say my final goodbye to him as I ran out of the back gate now very late for work having mopped the kitchen, hall, cleaned the bathroom and tried to straighten the rest of the house. The bathroom and general straightening was due to OH parents arriving at ours sometime before I arrive home from work and I am still desperate to prove to them I am capable of looking after their son.

On my drive into work I had the following enlightenments:
• I had forgotten to bring with me the invite for my friend’s wedding – needed today so I could Google the address and find out where the wedding is being held this weekend!
• The flu tablets I made the trip to the supermarket for last night (I did not want to go to the shops between Christmas and New Year, and had purposefully stocked the cupboards for this very reason) were still sat on the side in the kitchen!
• My lunch which I spent time preparing last night (unusual for me) was still sat in my fridge at home.

I have the feeling it is going to be one of those days!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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