I’m worried my family are trying to kill OH

You may get the feeling by now that I can sometimes over react, however I am going to share with you a concern that I have had for at least two days now and that is maybe my family are trying to kill OH!

I know sometimes I say through gritted teeth I am going to kill him, and my nearest and dearest know that if I go missing the first place to look is the patio (can you believe he thinks I am difficult to live with? I digress!) but we really do love each other, however….

OH is mildly allergic to nuts (hence the genius of me buying nuts on his credit cards when he has annoyed me) however no matter how many times I tell my grandparents about the allergy they forget or chose to forget – you chose! They have now tried to feed OH nuts on three separate occasions, the last of which took the form of an innocent Christmas pudding which my grandparents sent me home with after dropping in their Christmas presents the other weekend. Luckily I had suspicions (of the included nuts, not the murderous tendency) and so I have had to eat all the puddings myself – things we do for people we love!

However, while focusing on my grandparent’s attempts to off OH I have overlooked other members of my family and now it would seem my grandparents have enlisted the help of my Aunty, who bought OH some lovely patterned socks for Christmas, which OH wore with pride on Boxing Day morning before falling down half the stairs sometime after lunch! I heard a bang but being with his family I didn’t got to explore and bless him he spent a good 10 minutes on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

You will be pleased to hear that he escaped without any broken bones, although he did hurt his foot and it took a few hours for feeling to return to all his fingers, but for now all is well!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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