Isn’t it Ironic!

So the first few days in my new house with OH has been eventful, and I am pleased to announce that I have stopped crying every time I walk into the kitchen and see the lovely fridge magnet that my folks got us as part of our house warming gift or looked at the cookbook that my aunty gave me and I can even mange to face putting my clothes into the wardrobe; although I have so many clothes that this will take a while to complete! (Notice I said so many and not too many – you can never have too many clothes or shoes – and yes I do still have nothing to wear!)

However I do want to share with you one incident that lead to a massive fight, more tears and 2 hours of me sobbing down the phone in my local supermarket about how the many I loved was an idiot and I was swearing off men forever (yes I did get some very funny looks from the other customers that night!)

Let me set the scene, it was Monday evening and I had come in from a very tiring day at work (note to self, if I ever move house again – take time off work, in fact better note to self, never move house again!!) and just wanted to go shopping to stock the cupboards before a week full of guests visiting as it was OH birthday this week (December is crazy busy for us!) and I thought it would make the house feel more like a home.

So I walk through the door and explain how I want to go shopping to stop the cupboards together and just get some stuff in so it feels more like a home (no tears) OH felt that two of us going shopping while the house was full of shopping was a waste of time and not going to happen (at this point I started to cry – I blame the tiredness) OH was less than impressed that I was upset and not being practical, I was heartbroken that maybe he didn’t understand me and what did this mean for our life together (I may have a slight tendency to over react!) He said we could just go later in the week, after his birthday.

As previously mentioned the conversation ended not as I had hoped, with me leaving the house and spending two hours walking aimlessly around our local supermarket, not knowing what I wanted to put in the trolley I had, but being very aware that we needed everything and I spent most of my time on the phone to various members of my family discussing my new problem that the guy of my dreams is also a huge ass (an insult to asses I know!) However 2 hours and £100 later I had filled a trolley and made myself feel slightly better by buying nuts on his credit card! (Side note: OH is mildly allergic to nuts – as in if he eats them he has to drink some water quickly not if I open the bag he will die, like I’ve said I don’t want to move house again so soon!)

So to the point… as I have previously mentioned this week was OH birthday and we had his folks coming for tea, I had offered to get some stuff in specifically for it and cook but he said it wasn’t needed, we would more than likely go out for tea. So his folks arrive and low and behold, OH changes his mind (it is his birthday after all) and instead decides he will just through something together……….. from what we have in our cupboards!!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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