It’s my party and I will freak out if I want to!!

OMG I am having kittens, not actual kittens – that would be kinda cool! Although I am more for rescue than breed, but that is for another time!!

I am one of those people cursed with a December birthday, and this curse seems to have gotten slightly worse since meeting my OH who is also another December baby, and when did we get together so celebrate our anniversary, yep you’ve guess it, and when do we move house… point made I think?

Every year I try to hold a birthday party and every year I swear this will be my last, and every year it isn’t! I used to love my December birthday when I was younger (and I still will argue that all the best people are born in December) however since leaving Uni I am becoming less impressed, the first year none of my friends could make it because of work commitments I understood as it was their first year in a job and they wanted to fit in…. but last year when there was me, OH and one fantastic friend (who I am so lucky to have in my life) decided enough was enough! Until this year…..

One of my friends said her Christmas do was earlier this year and so she had pencilled my birthday party in for the 8th and like a fool I decided that this means I should do something. So I have spent two weeks emailing various restaurants to see if they could fit us in, trying to find something that was not too expensive, that people would enjoy, and that would cover the various dietary requirements of my various friends and family. Finally I settled on a place and asked them to book, however they did want us to preorder (which I really wanted to avoid having to organise as, as I have said I AM MOVING HOUSE THIS WEEK) and I have to pay a deposit which I really can’t afford to do for the same reason!!

However, I gave in, asked them to reserve the table and that I would confirm numbers, orders and asked how they would like me to pay – I have heard nothing since! So I decided not to freak out, and rang the restaurant today to chase them and the woman who had my phone had no record of me, but did have an Emily booked in for my table – grrr!!! – and was this me?! No i explained my name isn’t Emily or when she asked for my name at the start of the conversation I would have said Emily!!!

I am now having kittens trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do with 16 people on the 8th December when we are walking around Leeds in the rain (you just know it is going to rain) and we have no dinner reservations as an empty table sits waiting for Emily to enjoying my birthday table!

Next year I am not having a birthday party!!!!



Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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