Why blog?

I initially started this blog for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to make money from it!! I currently work in social media (sort of) and I spend my days looking at amazing blogs knwoing that people can stay at home and make a living from blogging and I was jealous and thought if they can do it why can’t I?!

To begin with, I was keeping it all very secretive – my about me page contained nothing but cryptic clues as I didn’t want anyone to find out this is me, and I had written what I thought people may want to read rather than what I actually wanted to put. However have spent a couple of hours reading some blogs from some very inspirational women I have decided to start again. So here is attempt two (which is shocking considering this will be my third post!)

Here I will now share what I want to share, rather than what I think needs sharing. *Deep breath*

Part of the reason I didn’t want to share too much is because I was/am ashamed to admit I am a mess. I had a plan for my life you see – nothing concrete, just an idea of how I wanted it to be and it involved me going to Uni, doing a course with a specific job in the end, getting a job at the end of it and then working my way up the career ladder until I reached as far up as I wanted to go, before jumping off to become a full time mum. However, it went so very wrong when having worked my ass of to get a good degree, and got a great job, my boss took a dislike to me and uttered the words “I am going to get rid of her!” Well it took the bastard (sorry but justified) three years and I had an almost complete mental break down, but in the end he did! I fought it to the bitter end, however he won and sometimes I feel like he is still winning.

So now this is my blog where I will be open and honest and unafraid – I still don’t know how I will cope being completely honest (for example my OH has a female friend who I really can’t stand – she is a b^*@^. there is a story there for another time, and he still hasn’t twigged I can’t stand her and he thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread…..) but my hopes for it has now changed, and if it can’t make me rich, maybe somewhere along the line it will make me better!!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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