Honey I Shrunk the House

This week started well with me and my OH wondering the shops together and dreaming dreams about our future as we prepare to move into our new house together. We get the keys at the end of the month and I couldn’t be more excited!!

After a small argument, in which we discussed calmly (with minimal door slamming) the various separate plans we had made about moving in together (mine involved cleaning the house Saturday morning then moving in junk, his involved moving in junk and cleaning around) we came up with a compromise (cleaning late Friday night when we collect keys) and set off to shop. I would just like to now point out how well-behaved we both were during the shopping trip! Together we reached many decisions: the furniture we would buy, which room it would go in, when we would buy it and I even didn’t even sulk when he pointed out that the L-shaped cream sofa and matching snuggle chair I had fallen in love with was not the most practical of ideas giving that we have a very large collie, both enjoy the odd glass of wine and are as clumsy as.. well you get the idea!

We left the shops full of ideas and looked forward to our viewing the very next day where along with measuring for various white goods we would finalise which household items we would buy. I was so excited driving up to the house, and walking down the drive way to knock on the red front door – which I couldn’t help but think would very shortly be my red front door – walked through the small entrance porch to the lounge – soon to be my front porch and my lounge – and then I stopped dead…..

Someone has shrunk my house!!! I remember everything exactly – the two two-seater sofa’s in the lounge, with space for a table, the upstairs bedroom with the double bed and two double wardrobes – but somewhere in my memory my house had doubled in size as there was no longer room for my already vetoed cream sofa, in fact there wouldn’t be room for any L-shaped sofa’s with or without the snuggle chair, the table with 6 chairs for all our friends and family to dine around will now have to be considerably smaller and ideally drop leaf, and the spare room which was going to have a chest of draws, double bed and double wardrobe will hopefully fit a double if we buy a small one!! In fact the only thing which wasn’t smaller than I remembered it was the small garden which has grown in size (hurray!) and under stairs cupboard – both of which I have along with the loft already given my OH full control of.

I have been told that this house shrinkage is apparently common when buying houses, and I do still love my (now little) house so so much but I just hope it doesn’t shrink anymore between now and moving day or elsewhere will all my shoes live?!

Looking forward to hearing from you....?!

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